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My Bar soap cracked. Why?

A common reason why cracking occurs is a result of repeated stress on the bar caused by moisture gain and loss. Overtime, bars try to equilibrate with their surrounding environment, either losing or gaining moisture.  The most critical variable is storage conditions once the packaging is removed.  For instance, if a bar is stored in a puddle of water, as often occurs in a soap dish, it will experience continuous moisture gain, stress and crack.

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Is there Lanolin in our Liquid Soap?

Liquid soap does not contain lanolin. None of our product lines contain animal derived ingredients.

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What is the base of the “Glycerin” in our soap?

It is plant based from Soy.

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Do you have coupons or free samples you can send to me?

At this time we do not offer coupons or free samples. We do run specials with the retailers so please look through the circular for all deals or visit a store near you as our product may be on demo there.

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I am unsatisfied with the product I purchased. What shall I do?

Please send us a letter via the US Post Office or go to our website under our “Contact Us” tab to complete our Contact Form with the item description, item UPC code, expiration date and more if needed. Once we receive the details we will review your request and respond accordingly.

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Where can I find your products or place an order?

You may find our products at your local health/beauty store. You can go to our website and use our Store Locator map under the “Where to Buy” tab to find a location near you. Moreover, you can find all of our products on You may also request that your local store carry our product line by completing our Contact Form.

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