My bar soap cracked. Why?

A common reason why cracking occurs is a result of repeated stress on the bar caused by moisture gain and loss. Overtime, bars try to equilibrate with their surrounding environment, either losing or gaining moisture.  The most critical variable is storage conditions once the packaging is removed. For instance, if a bar is stored in a puddle of water, as often occurs in a soap dish, it will experience continuous moisture gain, stress, and crack.


Is there Lanolin in our products?

No. None of our product lines contain animal derived ingredients.


What is the base of the “Glycerin” in our soap?

It is plant based on various Vegetable Oils such as Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and/or RSPO Palm Oil.


Do you have coupons or free samples you can send to me?

At this time, we do not offer coupons or free samples. We do run specials with the retailers so please look through the circular for all deals or visit a store near you as our product may be on demo there.


I am unsatisfied with the product I purchased. What shall I do?

Please contact customer service at to address your issue so we can find a solution that will suit you.


Where can I find your products or place an order?

Great news! You can now directly buy from our website: You can find all of our unique A La Maison products delivered straight to you and free shipping starting at $30. Just click SHOP NOW.

You may also look for our retail partners at the bottom of our “About Us” page using our Store Locator.


Can you tell us the origin of the Argan Oil and Palm Oil? 

The Argan Oil is from Morocco and the Palm Oil is from South East Asia.


Is the Palm Oil sustainably harvested?

Yes. We use Palm Oil that is RSPO certified and therefore sustainably harvested to protect biodiversity. What is RSPO? Learn more (


What does X scent smell like?

You may find a description of our scents in our product catalog in each product description; simply click SHOP NOW and look for the item of your interest. Moreover, if there is a scent you love, you are now able to shop by scent.


My Liquid Soap or Body Wash is cloudy. Why?

Sudden temperature changes may result in a cloudy or opaque appearance, but it is does not alter the effectiveness or quality of the product. It is recommended to keep them at room temperature.


What is the PH level of our soaps?

The PH level of our soaps is between 9 and 11.


Can I use your soap to wash my hair? 

Even though it will not harm your hair, we do not recommend this product for hair; only for hand and body.


Where does our Vitamin E come from?

Our Vitamin E is also known as Tocopherol.


Do our soaps contain “Gluten, Corn, Soy or Wheat?”

We do not claim nor test for cross contamination. We cannot guarantee that traces would not be present.


What is the ideal temperature to store A La Maison’s Deodorants?

Our deodorants should be kept above freezing and below 90 degrees F.


Why is A La Maison’s Triple French Milled formula less acidic than regular castile soap?

Regular Castile soap is more concentrated and needs to be diluted in water before use hence making it more acidic than ours.


Does your soap formula contain any SLS, Phthalates or Parabens?

No. All our products do not contain any SLS, Phthalates or Parabens. They are 100% vegetable based and made only with best ingredients to preserve the softness of your skin.


What is the difference between the Liquid Soap and the Body Wash?

It is the same product with the same quality in a packaging best suited for the use.


Which A La Maison products are Palm Oil Free?

Our Liquid Soap, Body Wash, Hand Cream, Body Lotion, Foot Cream and Deodorants are palm oil free.


Which A La Maison products contain Olive Oil?

Our Unscented Olive Oil bars, Liquid Soap and Body Wash contain Olive Oil.


Which A La Maison products contain Shea Butter?

Our Bar Soap (except Unscented Olive Oil bars), Hand Cream, Body Lotion and Foot Cream contain Shea Butter.


Which A La Maison products contain Argan Oil?

Our Bar Soap (except Unscented Olive Oil bars), Liquid Soap, Body Wash, Hand Cream, Body Lotion and Foot Cream contain Argan Oil.


Which A La Maison products contain Coconut Oil?

Our Multi-Pack Bar Soap (except Unscented Olive Oil bars), Liquid Soap and Body Wash.


Are all your products imported from France?

All our products are made in France except the deodorants and the lotions.


Help! The pump on my liquid soap isn't working properly? 

On occasion the top of the liquid soap may not be tight enough on the neck of the bottle.  Because of this, there isn’t enough resistance to enable the pump to click into the correct position to open properly.  To fix this problem simply tighten the pump to the neck of the bottle and that should help resolve the issue.